Our Services

Indigenuity has successfully worked in Indigenous territories around the world and throughout Canada. We have had the privilege of working with over 300 Indigenous communities, and dozens of regional, provincial and national organizations. We take pride in our success in ensuring that our work is culturally responsive and reflects the unique values and worldviews of Indigenous communities, as well as the values and interests of the range of clients that we work with.

Indigenous Consultation

Indigenuity has extensive consultation experience in a variety of subject areas, particularly focused on issues affecting Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island. Some of these topics include environment and wildlife management, resource development, climate change, health, and education.

Our team is experienced in working to meet complex regulatory and permitting requirements, as well as undertaking consultation on legislative and policy changes. This includes managing consultation logs, writing and producing communications materials and project updates, and coordinating open houses or project information sessions. Indigenuity has a strong track record of helping our clients negotiate various agreements. We bring these to life through managing and monitoring the implementation, as well as designing and delivering programs to meet commitments to training, education, and community development.

Strategy, Policy, Research

Indigenuity brings a unique and creative approach to the areas of strategic planning, corporate strategy, policy development, and both desktop and field research. Our work in this area is informed by the diverse experiences of our team, and is grounded in helping our clients come to a clear understanding of their current state and a vision of where they want to go. We then lead a comprehensive process, which strives to consider all internal and external factors, including key values that may affect the work and outcomes. We take pride in writing materials and reports that are inclusive and easily understood.

Our team has successfully completed numerous projects that have required the consideration or incorporation of incredibly diverse opinions and responses. Our research methods are designed to be culturally aware, and often include multiple mediums for information gathering to allow people to share in the way that works best for them. Some of our projects have included in-depth interviews, story circles, desktop research, online surveys, as well as community focus groups. 

“We appreciated the way the team at Indigenuity was able to capture all of the dialogue and engagement that took place during our project, and transform it into a report and recommendations that set a path for us to move forward. “

Facilitation and Engagement

Indigenuity specializes in designing, organizing and facilitating both small and large-scale engagement programs, with a focus on encouraging meaningful dialogue. These dialogues occur in small focus groups and interviews, multi-session province-wide projects, and national conferences. We strive to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to feel heard, and use a variety of techniques and mediums that encourage participation. We are experienced at offering sessions both in person, as well as virtually through platforms such as Zoom. 

Our team members are skilled at listening, recording, and summarizing information provided by diverse groups of participants. For most projects, this information is then compiled in a report which is shared back to participants, which often includes clear recommendations and action items for our clients and decision makers. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Indigenuity’s approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is deeply rooted in our own values of respect, acceptance, and open mindedness. We believe that DEI is just as important at the individual level as it is at a corporate level, and we base our work on the behavioural change principles of awareness, application, and action. We focus on empowering people to gain a better understanding of what DEI means to them, and help to build capacity through training sessions that incorporate personal reflection as well as relationship building exercises.

Our work in this area has also involved conducting organizational reviews and assessment of the current state of DEI for our clients. We then use this information, along with our capacity building training, to help create strategies and solutions that are client driven and assist them in reaching their DEI goals. In addition to training and strategy work, we also assist clients in inclusive communications, recruitment and hiring practices, and building employee resources. 

“Indigenuity helped our team by making Inclusion and Diversity approachable and less scary. Our teams are already connecting and working in a deeper and more thoughtful way. “

Solution Design and Creative Outcomes

Indigenuity’s diversity and depth of experience positions us to help clients solve unique problems when it comes to engagement, organizational and community development, information gathering, and Indigenous relations. Our network of complementary subject matter experts allows us to bring together teams that can deliver solutions for our client’s evolving needs.

Our big picture thinking allows us to create connections between one-off projects and our core services, which often strengthens the outcomes for our clients. We welcome conversations about how we can help you solve challenges, and realize solutions for your unique projects.

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